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Cleaning Care Tips

Laundry nine big mistake, you know?

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Make inventory to wash the clothes9Myth #
Recently, have summarized several website laundry prone to fault, see you have got infected.

Rub hard stain.

Clothes stained with fruit juice, soup, and so on, people will subconsciously willing to rub, this will let the stain on clothes is more and more big, and even wear clothes. Once the clothes stained with besmirch, shall be immediately with a clean cloth blot, prevent contamination to other places, and then gently scrub clothes with water and detergent.

After adding water put clothes first.

In order to prevent the washing powder dissolved before enough, residue on clothes, just in this washing order. But now more detergent is liquid, and phosphorus, will not damage clothes, so you should first put on clothes, then add water, add detergent, helps to control the dosage of detergent. In addition, put the clothes should be put on socks, such easy and entangled with other clothes together.

Much for detergent.

Dirt out of the bubble will be clothes, but too much (that) the detergent will make redundant foam wash not clean, cause bilge remain instead, breeding ground for bacteria. Washing clothes should add half the amount at ordinary times, if a bubble is less, again a little bit increase dosage. It is important to note that if you use a hard water, the amount of detergent to more than the usual amount (detergent bags will generally have a hard water washing suggested usage).

Don't wash.

Many actually require dry cleaning clothes can be washed by hand, such as natural fiber, flax, etc.). If you sure, you can dip in with cotton swabs detergent, blind in clothes, if you don't rub off, can put the clothes in soapy water wash, rinse off with clear water immediately after use towel blot moisture. However, some material is must dry cleaning, such as leather, suede, silk, etc.

Zipper is not good, the button is not solved.

Metal zipper "teeth" will "bite" other clothes, flowers or shave is broken, at the same time also will increase the load of the washing machine. To and fro in twist will make buttons, button hole deformation.

Wash with bleach.

Bleach will damage the fabric, reduce the service life. Sometimes even the blood, sweat and other cleaning besmirch hard, also do not need to use bleach. Can put lemon slices in a large pot of water to boil and then use the soaked the dirty clothes, can remove stubborn stains easily.

Washing machine is not flat.

The vibration of the laundry will damage your floor, washing machine and make the shock absorber, bearing key parts such as premature wear. Washing machine with height adjustment device, check carefully before washing, or a plastic MATS under the washing machine, to help absorb shock.

Out not to wear a washing machine.

Every time after washing the clothes, clothing fiber accumulation may clog pipe, with the passage of time, increase the washing machine load, may also become a fire hazard. After each use should really clean laundry trough, can use small brush and detergent scrub.

Finished washing machine put a lid on it.

The residual moisture evaporation for washing machines, humidity will accelerate the breeding of bacteria, and contamination to the clothing, spread disease.

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