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Stain Stick

Stain Stick
Product Name :
Stain Stick
Description :
It is made of surfactants, dispersant, emulsifier, essence and water, has no phosphor and boron, etc. It can remove all stains. The figure of the product is like lipstick and is environmental friendly. It can be used for washing all kinds of clothes accompanying with laundry ball.
Application :
For coating collar and cuff etc places which is hard to wash before the laundry
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General Knowledge
Certificate / Data
Graphic Introduced
Specifications & Types
Type A:
Specification: Ф4×18cm (diameter×length)
Net Weight: 180g/p
Packing: 60pcs/paper box
Size of outer carton: 44×26.5×20cm
Container Packing: Stain stick 60pcs/box, 1000 cartons/20feet container
Type C:
Specification: Ф2.5×7cm (diameter×length)
Net Weight: 30g/p
Packing: 12pcs/paper box
Container Packing: 24boxes/paper box (288pcs/carton)
Size of outer carton: 43×25×15.5 cm
Surfactants, substance dispersing agent, emulsifier, essence, water
1. It is made of natural coconut oil compounded 12 kinds of non-ion surfactants, adding strong emulsifier Empicol and detersive potentiating agent HY. This product doesn’t contain harmful chemical materials, such as phosphor and boron, etc. It can effectively clean out all dead-end dirtiness. Antibacterial and anti hypersusceptibility, it is very convenient for environmental protection. No harm to any clothes being cleaned.
2. It has strong capability of stain removal and can maintain the clothes tenderly. It combines four functions of polishing, maintain, decontamination and deodorization in one.
3. It is innocuous and no irritation, mild to people’s skin. And it has fresh fragrance of natural lemon.
Operation Guide
1. This product adopts lipstick design. When using, directly coat the cream on the dirt surface of the clothes, then work with environmental protection laundry balls, and wash clean with water directly.
2. Coat stain stick on the surface of dirty mark, after 1~2minutes, and put into the washing machine to wash.
3. Must coat the satin stick on the stain surface of dry clothes. If coat on soaking wet clothes, that will have influence on detersive effects.
Applied for any kind of color and texture leather and cloth