Miracle Water

Miracle Water ----- General Knowledge

Culture of Drinking Water
. General knowledge of water
…… Molecule structure of water
Chemical formula of water molecule is H2O. There is one oxygen atom and two hydrogen atoms in it. Mass ratio between hydrogen and oxygen is 1?8. The content of hydrogen is 11.1% and the content of oxygen is 88.89%. Three atomic nucleuses compose an isosceles triangle arrangement.
In water molecule due to two hydroxyl bonds form an inclination and the polarity of bonds can’t counteract each other, water molecule presents polarity and belongs to polar molecule. In water molecule, because electronegativity of oxygen atom is larger than that of hydrogen atoms, their share electron pair to a great extent leans to oxygen atomic nucleus and make hydrogen atomic nucleus change into an electropositive atomic nucleus. This hydrogen atom can also act electrostatic sucking action with another electronegative oxygen atom in water molecule. That makes combination among water molecules and forms intensive hydrogen bond. Give birth to (h2o)2 and (h2o)3 , etc. combinative water molecule to make the coagulate of water compose “long chain water”.
This kind of long chain water with lumpy linear structure, even it is so pure, it is hard to be absorbed by human body and biologic cells. Because action power of hydrogen bond between water molecules is counteracted for sucking effect each other, interior polarity becomes weaker, so solvency, osmotic force, metabolism and physiological force of water accordingly weaken. That’s why this kind of water is called inactive water.
The size of molecule group of water directly influences how strong and weak water function is. Molecule group of water is more smaller, between water molecules “idling hydrogen bonds”are more. Interior polarity of water is bigger. Solvency, osmotic force and metabolism of water are stronger. Physiological function is also stronger. That’s why small molecule group of water is called active water.
…… Physical characteristic of water
1.) Modality, freezing point and boiling point of water
Pure water is colorless, tasteless and odorless transparent liquid.
Under the condition of 1 atmospheric pressure (105Pa) and temperature lower than 0 oC , water is solid (solid water). 0 oC is the freezing point of water. From 0 oC to 100 oC it is liquid (Water presents liquid under normal conditions.). Above 100 oC water is gas (vapor water). 100 oC is the boiling point of water.
2.) Specific heat of water
Absorbed quantity of heat that makes water of specific mass increase 1 ? is called specific heat capacity of water, for short specific heat. Specific heat of water is 4.2 × 103 [joule/(kg · C)]
3.) Vaporization heat of water
Needed quantity of heat that makes water of specific mass at certain temperatures completely become into vapor water (vapor) with the same temperatures is called vaporization heat of water. (The process of that water from liquid changes into vapor water is called vaporization. The phenomena of vaporization on the surface of water are called evaporation. Evaporation can do at any temperatures.
4.) Solution heat of ice (solid water)
Needed quantity of heat that makes ice of specific mass at melting point ( 0 oC ) completely liquate into water with the same temperatures is called solution heat of ice.
5.) Water density
At one atmospheric pressure (105Pa), 4 oC , water density is the biggest, 1g/cm3. When the temperature is lower or higher than 4 ? ,water density is lower than 1.
6.) Pressure intensity of water
Water can produce pressure to the bottom or side of container. (Pressure applied on unit area is called pressure intensity.) The interior of water has pressure intensity to every direction. In the same depth, the pressure intensity of water to every direction is equal. Increase the depth and the pressure intensity of water also increases. Increase water density and the pressure intensity of water also increases.
7.) Water buoyancy
Pressure difference of water upward or downward to objects is buoyancy of water toward objects. The direction of buoyancy is always upright and upward.
8.) Surface tension of water
Water surface exists one kind of force that makes water surface have the shrinking current. The surface power is called surface tension.
9.) Other dynamics characteristics of water
Van Der Waals gravitation: To a water molecule, the barycenter of its positive charge deviates toward two hydrogen atoms and on the other hand, the barycenter of its negative charge deviates toward oxygen atom. That forms polar molecule. That’s why when water molecule closes each other the gravitation between heteropoles is larger than the repulsion between farther homopolarities. This kind of electrostatic force that is mutual attraction between molecules is called Van Der Waals gravitation.
…… Relationship between water and human being
1.) Life and water
Human life will not exist without water for a moment. Water is the most primary material needed by human life. Analyzing from water chemical point of view, water is composed of hydrogen and oxygen elements. In human body among water molecules they combine into molecule group of water. Water also can combine with many other materials through hydrogen bond. Hence water has many physiological functions. First from the structure of human body, water is the most substance of human body. It has been detected that the water content of an adult is 65% of the body weight. To a two months baby, the water content is 91% of the body weight. Water content of different body organs makes a great difference, such as water content of eyeball is 99%, the blood contains 85%, the muscle contains 76% and bones contain 22%.
To human body physiological functions are various. All chemical reactions occurred in the body are carried out in medium water. Without water, nourishments can’t be absorbed. Oxygen can’t be transported to the needed parts. Nourishments and incretions also can’t reach location of their action. Body wastes can’t be excreted, metabolism will be stopped and person will die. So water is the most important material to human life.
Amount of water that daily enters in and out of human body is influenced by climate, labor and living habits, etc. It will fluctuate very much. But it is necessary to keep the balance of water dynamic balance in human body, otherwise it will cause diseases. Nowadays by medicine it has been detected out that the daily intake and output volume of the adult: amount of water that everyday through drinking water and foods enters the body of an adult is about 2200ml; amount of water that produces through oxidation of sugar, fat and protein is about 300ml; total amount of water in human body per day is about 2500ml. Amount of water that human body discharges every day: amount discharged from urine of kidney is 1500ml; amount of skin vaporization is 500ml; that of lung breathe is 400ml; amount discharged from dejection is 100ml; total amount is about 2500ml. Human life needs high quality drinking water, but currently due to different economic development level, the difference of material life among different countries is very large. So constituting the standard of drinking water is also different. Sense index of high quality drinking water is limpid, transparent, odorless, refreshing and thirst quenching. Other indexes of chemistry, physics and bacteriology, etc. must come up to the standard of national hygienic. According to this our country constituted GB5749-1985 national hygienic standard of living drinking water. But opinions about what water is high quality vary.
Good water quality is not pure water and on the contrary, gases (oxygen and CO2) and little calcium carbonate dissolved in water make water have the comfortable and refreshing taste. The best temperature of drinking water is at 7~11?. This kind of drinking water is of the best refreshing and fresh taste. At high temperature little gas dissolves in the water so that it is bad to quench thirst and of bad taste.
Research has proved that: water exists in the structure of molecule group. The stable time of that formed among molecules depending on the hydrogen bond is only 10~12seconds, which is one kind of dynamic combination. One molecule group of water adds into certain molecule group of water, while another one leaves another molecule group of water. But the size of molecule group of water is an average figure. At normal temperature common molecule group of water is 30~40 molecules of water and that changes at any moment. Research found that molecule group of water is smaller and the activity is larger. That kind of water is of good taste; but molecule group of water is larger and the activity is smaller, with bad taste. Some one put forward that as drinking water, the molecule group of water is composed of five or six smaller molecules of water, which is called “five-ring water”, “six-ring water” with better promoting healthy function. It is proved that snow water is of the structure of six-ring water. It is composed of six molecules of water, six angles circular structure. The middle part of the circle is with the strongest capacity to include. There is five-ring water that is similar to six-ring water. However its structure is not stable. Hereby melted snow and ice water is top quality water. When improving or treating water, it is best to gain six-ring or five-ring water. Currently international developed countries treated water into active water or magnetic water. They have got many results and shown egregious physical functions. 21 century has come. Water treatment work of our country will be developed quickly. We make an appeal that:
When demand increasing for health level of human body, don’t ignore the function of water to human body.
(Source: Science & Technology Daily Jun. 13, 2000, author: MingLiang Bai)
2.) Water Function
Water is the necessary important component of human body and all animals and plants. In all tissues, the content of water molecule is the most abundant. Liquid water and solid ice are three fourths of the earth surface. More than 60% of human body is water. Hence water is very important to human body. The basic unit of human body is cell. Inside every cell includes about more than 75% water. According to research result that Water content of myelencephalon is the most, about 99%. The second is lymph gland, about 94%. Among them blood is 70%, muscle is 62%, bone is 50% although it is more density and harder. If every day running out 10% water of body weight one would be ill. If it is 20% the life will be in danger. As the saying goes: you may stand for seven days without eating, but you can’t stand for seven days without drinking. Hence water is very important to human life.
Water not only is the important component of human body, but also it is the carrier of activating human organs, transporting nutrition and draining wastes. Food enters mouth and stomach intestine, through chawing, digesting and absorbing, actually that is the process of adding water and discomposing. Nutrition produced is absorbed by cell, tissue and organ in every part of the body. Useless materials produced after metabolism is diluted by water and vent out through shin sweat, urine and dejection.
There is much space to control water for human body. The main function of kidney: Make wastes brought in the body change into urine and vent out. The source of urine is the following:
(1) Bring from eliminating metabolism wastes or some medicament in human body;
(2) Adjust the content of potassium, natrium, aluminium, chlorine, magnesium and phosphate radical ion in the blood;
(3) Adjust the balance of acid alkali in the body;
(4) According to the amount of eliminating urine adjust consistence and volume of blood plasma.
Kidney may decide the suitable amount of eliminating urine according to water content in the body. Normal person the least amount of eliminating urine is 5ml every day and one can eliminate wastes brought in the body at that day. Skin and breath will drain 500~800ml water. Hence every day one will drain 1000ml and need supply 500~1000ml water. Drink 2000ml water every day, which is basic guarantee to human body health.
Drinking more water can make suitable thickness of the blood, expedite flowing and avoid various diseases of heart and brain blood vessel. It can improve astriction, acid stomach, diarrhea, cystitis, urethral calculus and cold, etc.
It is concluded that water has the following function:
1. Help food to be hydrolyzed, digested and absorbed;
2. Balance body temperature and meet the change of circumstance;
3. Promote normal metabolism of cell and activate enzyme completely;
4. Lubricate joints and lower the friction between bones;
5. Increase immune ability and resistance of human body to diseases;
6. Accelerate body metabolism and ensure body health.
In a word, the function of water as supplying body water, it also includes:
1. Facilitate circulation and transport nutrition;
2. Cooperate with fiber and avoid diarrhea;
3. As lytic agent take part in biologic and chemical function;
4. Arrange inner and outer moisture of cells;
5. Accelerate elimination and prevent wastes accumulating.
…… Current Situation of Water Resource
……World Situation of Water Resource
……97.5% water on the earth is sea water and only 2.5% is fresh water. 70% fresh water is stored in bipolar glacier and permanent snow cover. The other 30% is most stored in earth or under the ground that is hard to be utilized by human being. Fresh water that can be utilized by the whole world is only 0.007% of the total amount.
……Due to the worsening of natural environment and excessive explore of water resource, human being can not help but suffer the punishment of nature: About 50 countries are serious lack of water on the earth, 20 hundred million people are difficult to drinking water, 30 hundred million people are not basic sanitation equipments. In developing countries due to lack of safe and enough drinking water causes more than 50 kinds of diseases. Average happening diseases related with water is 650 thousand per day. Every day about 25 thousand persons will die.
……Water Resource of our country and its quality situation
……Our country is one that lacks of water resource. The rate of water resource only occupies one fourth of the average amount of the world. There is 300 cities lacked of water and 110 cities seriously lacked of water among 500 cities in the whole country.
……According to undercount, there is only about 30% primarily accorded with national drinking water standard; 77.8% cities taking ground water as drinking water source are polluted in varying degrees. 82% rivers and lakes are polluted; 92% cities are facing the threat of being polluted. In the whole country 79% people are drinking deleterious and polluted water. Among them about 7 hundred million are drinking surpassed standard coliform water. About 1.7 hundred million are drinking organic polluted water. 5000 ten thousand are drinking high nitrate water. 1000 ten thousand are drinking high fluorin water. 3 hundred million are drinking certain heavy metal water that surpassed the standard.
……Currently exists main problem of tap water
……Water resource is polluted more and more seriously day by day. The quality of tap water continuously descends According to the report of sanitation organization content of organic materials in tap water is up to 756 sorts. Among them 20 sorts are affirmed they are carcinogen, 24 sorts are doubted to be carcinogen, 18 sorts are helping and promoting cancer, 47 sorts are mutation lead-up. At the same time all those organic materials can’t be removed effectively through traditional purifying equipments and process. Among them chlorine as the main antiseptic in traditional process of tap water is becoming the great polluting source.
3.) Course and Prospect of Human Society Drinking Water
Water is the source of human life. Water brings us many legend stories, solemn and stirring with daydream because water is the blood of human being evolution and society developing. Not to talk about the importance of water in human being evolution for the moment and in terms of society development, there are many much-told stories about water. For example, DaYu Treatment Water, he passed his house for three times and didn’t enter. LiBing Farther & Son, they built imperishable monuments DuJiang Weirs. In 1655 ZhengChenggong dug well in midsummer and left country surname fount. Mao Tse-tung dug well and that are spread widely. That is also the subject of water and some district once happened water shortage in the world and caused Mid East Wars. Water was once the target and tool of wars. Will the future be like that?
In current world, water also sings its sad songs. One is that land surface water is suffering pollution. The second is that sea is accepting pollution. The third is that the pollution of acid rain in the air. The fourth is pollution of groundwater. The fifth is that natural function and feature of water gradually loses. The sixth is that people don’t know to drink what water.
However where is the sunlight of water? It is here, under the attention of the world, in the attendance of us, you and me in today’s world. Drinking water, think the headstream. Drinking water, think the purification. Drinking water, think the future. At this time of day, various types of band water have mushroomed. Our talk doesn’t want to judge that water because appearance of every type of water and entering into market both have its the meanings and requirements of the society. All include the arduous labor of scientists and entrepreneurs. Whether one kind of water can be widely spread however is the need of society and meets the requirements of the public. Under the complex station of today’s world, let us look back the course of drinking water. That may help us to correctly recognize healthy problem of drinking water.
A. Water is the source of human life.
Although latest research reported that clay is the source of human life. But people also believe that water is the source of human life. Water distributes all tissues of organic body. That contains hard tissues of bone and teeth, occupying two thirds of body weight, 80% moisture of neonatal baby and one of the six necessary nutrition of human body. Water is the nutrition of the society. Irrigating and planting need water, industrial cooling need water, cleaning and sanitation need water, animals and people drinking need water. No water the earth will become the second Mars.
B. Water source
Water makes the earth different from other planets, with life, blue color and becomes the unusually lucky person. 46 hundred million years ago, water exists in the form of crystal water in granule aerolite and distributes inner side of the earth. During the formation period of the earth, radiative elements changed into heat energy. The temperature is up to more than 1000?. Crystal water boiled away hydrosphere. Run to outer side of the earth together with volcano action and flew in the atmosphere. When the surface temperature decreases to 100? hydrosphere in the atmosphere with the aid of dust as coagulation coagulates little rain drop and falls to the surface of the ground to form current. That carries materials to flow into the lowest sea. Comparing with modern oceanic water, the original oceanic water has quality difference and is mainly fresh water. Early oceanic water through later continuously vaporizing and inorganic salt of eluviating rocks makes ocean gradually become into salt water. Average content is more than 3%. Another new theory thought that early water on the earth because one planet with ice quality impacted Pacific Ocean formed the original ocean. Don’t think about what kind of source and cause of formation for the moment, but early oceanic water was fresh water and was not salt water.
C. Features of earth water
Running rivers, calm lakes, trickled streams, white snows, transparent fountains, measureless oceans, floating clouds, nowhere people can feel the existence of water. Although its station changes, the essence of the substance never changes. This paragraph explains that water on the earth has several existence states. It exists in oceans, atmosphere, river or lake on the land, plant or animal organic bodies, soil and glacier. All these states are various different natural states of water circling.
Under the sun energy water vaporizes from the oceanic surface and forms vapors. Vapors are blew to the land areas and coagulate after being cooled, then fall to the ground surface in the forms of rains and snows, which inflow to brooks and streams to flow into rivers and lakes. During that period, it will filter into the ground and flow into oceans in the end. One part of vapors in higher air changes into glacier. Some vapors are absorbed by propagation. That is the circulation of water.
During the circulation of water, from one state into another state, the substitute years are different. Scientific research proved that: updating one time for glacier need 8300 years, vapors in atmosphere need 9 days, river flowing needs 15 years, lakes need 100 years, soil need 280 days, ground water need 300 years and deep water is hard to be replaced. Human being mainly through breath, drinking water, skin exudation and excretion organs renew water in the body, which need 5~10 days. These are exchanging active features of water. To circulating renewal of water in human body, if drinking bad quality water for a long time, you are in bad circulation state for a long time. On the contrary, people can drink good water and health will embrace you.
Currently people easy ignore water contained in organic body. That caused some broken natural rules activities such as disafforestation, etc. In organic world, animal body contain 70% water, plant contain 90% water; The total content of this two kinds of water content can compare with that of rivers and lakes on the land in the world; If human being don’t pay attention to protect the forest and protect animals, the comparing number will decrease. If people can understand that, they will self-consciously protect other organic bodies and cherish every life, which in fact also cherish water. Water in plant is “active water” in natural world. It is this kind of water that makes life on the earth comes forth more complex life formations.
During the 46 hundred million years of the earth formation, water continuously changes up to today. Its total volume is 139 hundred million m3. Among them 98% is salt water, 1.7% is glacier, 0.3% is fresh water that can be directly used. Every year about 110 billion m3 fresh water source except of vapors, the volume that can be used only 40 billions m3. Fresh water source distributes unevenly in the world. The Africa and Mid East lack of water, but Canada occupies 11 billons m3 water. Fresh water in China only is 2.7 billons m3. Currently there is about 20 billions people who are difficult in drinking water. Drinking water standard of 30 billions people don’t accord with sanitation requirements.
D. Drinking of ancestor ape
About 300 ten thousand years ago, south ancient ape of human being ancestor appeared. 50 ten thousand years ago, Beijing Zhoukoudian ape came to Chinese earth. They were same with other animals and friends to choose drinking surface water on the ground from rivers, lakes, fresh water and fountain. They also chose inhabit depending mountains and around water. Up today Water Tai race still keeps the way of living and chooses the place with plat bans and water to inhabit. Even racial Water-splashing Festival keeps the feature of water. Early human being depending on the instinct of human life consciously drunk top quality mineral water and the other is some apes drunk water with deleterious elements, such as containing arsenic and Hg that caused diseases or death; Seeing the death of partners, they were no way to deleterious water. That situation still happens today. For example, some district in Mongolia in 1990, local people happened skin ulceration and famous doctors had no way to that. After detecting to water by geologic persons, they founded that the drinking water because changed in flowing and flew into rocks contained arsenic. Then filtered out arsenic elements. Later through water treatment skin disease of people were cured. This example tells us how important whether the mineral materials are bad or good in water to human body. The third is that in one area if rainwater, river water and mountain fountain all appear, ape depended on the instinct to realize and choose drinking sweet fountain. The forth is that during this period, drinking of ape was one way of choosing material on the spot and could not live far away water.
E. Drinking of human society
Since 50 ten thousand years ago Zhoukoudian ape studied how to make fire, evolved to matrilineal society, human being started to learn how to burn soil with fire and formed early ceramics. Today the ceramics are mainly used for filling water and drinking water equipments. Later from slave society and feudal society up to today, some depressed areas, made fires to carry out smelting bronze ironware and formed different social times ancient cooking vessels and pots, etc. for storing water and boiling water. Looking back the course, there are the following features of drinking and choosing water for human being:
1. In the way of choosing water, one is that human being still keeps the way of ancient ape, depending on mountains and around water, taking water on the spot; the second is that when founding spilling water on the ground cutting on the spot; the third is that simple way of cutting well from passive founding water to initiative search; the forth is that simple retaining surface water on the ground.
2. The reflection of original protecting principles. One is that in some drinking natural fountain areas, people learn to prohibit excreting and dumping wastes in founts. All self-consciously obey this rule. The other is that unconsciously apply self purifying function of water, in the places of spilling water or wells, stipulate only for drinking water. In the place of not far away down stream washing vegetables, washing clothes are allowed and further down stream dumping and washing closestool are allowed.
3. Using literature and languages to identify deleterious water. On the basic know to water, human being gradually judge bad water and good water. Although at that time they did not know its meaning, they founded that some water would cause death after drinking, such as the spread of evil water and poisonous water, etc. which auctioned against partners not to drink certain poisonous water. With the development of science, people have realized that those water bodies contain arsenic and Hg.
4. The reflection of simple water transportation. One is that early people learned to carry water on the shoulder with barrels, take water with pots, store water with water tanks. People attempted to change the way of drinking on the spot; The second is that people used local bamboos and woods to make into semi closed or whole sealing transporting water pipes to their houses; The third is digging trenches and leading water; The forth is leading water with mill wheel. Not only for living but also for switching energy; The fifth is using animal bowels to make into the earliest water jug after it was dried. It is also called the former of bottle water.
5. Learn simple man-made purification. One is purifying water with aquaculture and aquatic in well; The second is adding sands in well to prevent silt sediment; The third is in the place of well and fountain mouth adding cover and building well mouth equipments to prevent dirty materials entering; The forth is boiling water to sterilize bacterium.
6. Process water into various beverage products. One is adding tea in boiling water to make into various kinds of tea beverage, such as soybean sprout tea and sesame tea, which are often in local Hunan and Hubei, Korea wheat tea and corn tea, Babao tea popularized in Sichuan. Due to the limit of bottle technology, people could not transport to far away places and became one special drink tea in local places. At that time, people unconsciously made tea to dissolve nutrition of plant in the water and later absorbed by human body.
7. Development of drinking industry and drinking culture. Due to the need of heating, storing and transporting water, appeared various ceramics, ironware and bronze ware for boiling, filling and storing water. Formed one kind of industry in certain social period and formed drinking culture, such as tea ceremony and tea houses came down in the south of our country and the Japanese ceremony. These drinking cultures have been going on now.
F. Drinking foundation of today’s human being
Today’s drinking industry has made remarkable strides, but this kind of development has certain foundation and precondition. One is the appearance of conveyance and processing equipments and renewing of bottle materials established the foundation of long-distance carrying of water. The second is the development of cutting technology. People can dig with mechanic machines and take deep mineral water in the ground. The third is the development of living science. People can realize that the importance of useful mineral elements in water body to human life and the damages of poisonous materials to human body; At the same time realize that sweet fountain, king rice, fragrant distilled spirit, high quality bear and well-known yellow wine in south of the lower reaches of the Changjiang River are all relative with abundant mineral elements in water. The fourth is pollution of industry, agriculture, city wastewater, waste gases and waste residue caused by material civilization without environmental civilization. Pollute water system of rivers and lakes, pollute well water and fountain and pollute the groundwater. Rains fell on the ground after the atmosphere is polluted are early acidification. At the same time for the reasons of that water flows through rocks contained poisonous materials and filters poisonous materials cause the formation of colorful water on the surface of the ground. In fact that is the feature of being polluted. There often appears ivory water in the areas of Jiangzhemin in our country, which results from that water body contains radioactivity elements; Semitransparent yellow brown water often founded in swampy areas contains abundant organic materials and suspended substances, with fierce biochemistry. When the red army passed through the Sichuan Ruoergai lawn, resulted in the death of some soldiers for drinking this kind of water; Emerald water often founded in small swamp and contains green alga that consumes oxygen in the water. Due to serious lack of oxygen in water body, result from the death of fishes and shrimps; Reddish color water caused by containing red alga in water body; Black water with much organic materials caused by sulfureted hydrogen in water body sheds repulsive odors. Because water is polluted force people to look for clean drinking water. The fifth is scientific development. People can recognize correctly the relation between water quality (bad or good) and local diseases. Perennial drinking high-fluorine water does not result in death but can cause the teeth change into yellow and crisp; Perennial drinking water lacked of iodine can cause Graves’ disease; Drinking arsenic water can cause skin ulceration; Drinking Hg water can cause human death. All these new cognitions put forward the need of changing water and water treatment. The sixth is the development of scientific technology builds the foundation of functional water. Human being founded de-gas water. Experienced farmers know that the crop will be better using snow water to irrigate. Because common water dissolves oxygen and biology living in the water depends on the oxygen dissolved in the water. When water coagulates into ice and snow former dissolved gases are removed out for no way to take part in the crystal arrange. That makes ice melted from ice and snow become one kind of “de-gas water”. “De-gas water”can be gained through boiling and rapidly cooling. It is more complete than snow water in de-gas. Using de-gas to marinate seeds, the yield will increase 10~20%. Using de-gas to irrigate sugar beet, the yield will increase 40% and sugar content will enhance 15%. Why de-gas has this kind of feature? Scientists think: Because water in biology cell is one kind of “de-gas water” outside water is easier to be absorbed and no need to spend more energy to eliminate gases in common water. Saved energy can be used for native growth of biology. Above theory is helpful to us to understand the theory and usage of adding ice in the water. Maybe that is not complete for the reason of cooling.
The progress of human technology makes manufacturing pure water with similar features of distilled water have new way. Hoping to remove impurities can adopt distilled way. But there are little impurities such as Na, K and Fe in distilled water, which can’t be removed. Distilled water is one kind of low pure water. Due to low pure water contains certain impurities, it can’t meet the requirements of latter-day high tech. If it is used for manufacturing high pure semiconductor components needed by electron industry, impurities will pollute the semiconductor and the components features will be damaged. That is required high pure water. Pure water contains 1.8mg/l impurities. High pure water contains 0.1mg/l impurities and its purity is 99.9999%. There is other coagulating water and heavy water, etc. Due to the former discussing foundation and precondition, when facing water problem for one moment, people start to make up their own mistakes and put forward relative requirements of sanitation water. In the early days people utilized bleaching powder to carry out water treatment for waters of tap water factories. But today people founded that drinking water with chlorine ion for a long time will cause cancer; People also recognize to protect the source place of water, but no way to atmosphere pollution. Some entrepreneurs according to uneven distribution of water sources, need of convenient drink of people and appearance of newly typed bottle materials, etc. produced mineral water in bottle; Grasped the chance of pure water appearance, manufactured pure water and resolved the problem of non bacterium and no poisonous materials. But water doesn’t contain any mineral substance; With the know of high molecule chemistry, quantum chemistry and structure chemistry to water molecule, explored out ion water, magnetizing water, group granule structure water, active water and pwater, etc. All these stress the exploitation of water function. Comparing with mountain fountain water and mineral water, they lack of useful elements. The merits are complete utilization of water resources and changes wastes into valuable substances. Pure water, distilled water and space water are very close to rainwater drunk by local people on islands. Drinking for a long time will be beneficial to human body. That needs to be discussed. During this specific times, the direction of drinking water that people pursued should be purifying, nutrition and adding water function.
The prospect of drinking water
By the look of a short time, bacteria and chemical contaminate the surface water, and the water source is inadequate. We will not evaluate the distilled water, space water, pure water, because they contribute for people, and make people drink the water that the chemical and bacteria exceed standard.
In a medium or long term, we must analyze the social style, and then judge correctly what water is healthy. Look from coming at home, people have realized the importance of environmental protection and returning to nature and purse nutrient drink and food. Go to a mountain area to get mineral water and breath fresh air has became style. People pay close attention to the quality of the water further, and pursue the water with rich mineral and without bacterium. Enterpriser are seeking and putting out new products.
As my opinions, I think people first pursue natural mineral water, which accords with international trend. In the world, natural mineral water is called noble water, and French like it very much. There are over 50 big mineral water factories in Vickie, which is a famous mineral water city. French mineral water is sold in the bar, station, scenic spot and food store of every streets in Paris which has population of 10 millions. Mineral water league, which has member countries like Germany, Italy, French, Belgium, Yugoslavia, Austria, Holland, Spain and English, has been established in the world. Germany has 235 big mineral water factories, and Italy has 190 factories. In these countries, the package, sale, market, type and production management are precise. For example, there are 16 working procedures at the asepsis, and the management is applied from fountain to production. Chinese had realized the importance of mineral water and produce it, but small scale, improper management, deficiency investment, and substandard disinfect in the progress of production and brand credit, commodity character, bad brand advertisement in the market make it unsuccessful to establish the effect of the national brand, and make the high quality water do not glisten.
The second is solo function water. Special people, special area and special function need it. Such as magnetized drinking water, it gets across strong magnetic field of 2000~8000 gauss with a velocity of flow at 0.7~1.5m/s. The biggest purpose of getting the water is to prevent and cure the calculus of body. If the water is spread, it need people distinguish.
Third, not only develop water function but also the water has mineral substance elements. It can purify polluted water through purifying technology, and enhance the functions through developing the functions of water. If adding mineral matters and nutriment of plants to water, it will make people active in drinking water.
It is the trend of times that people pursue natural water next centuries. At one side, people face the shortage, unevenly assigning, pollution of water source. Mankind need healthy water, and must develop the water close to nature on their intelligence. At the other side, in a long term, mankind must protect water environment, make people return to nature and drink the natural water without alteration and pollution. Water is important to people, what water to drink? Science must be prevalent, and make people distinguish themselves; people can make correct choice along with elevated diathesis and abundant knowledge about water. The choice will cause big changes in water industries, and enterprises should grasp it in time. Mankind will welcome the first light of morning to returning nature water through the understanding to nature and the endeavor to protect environment.
The Drinking water, the please listen to experts' evaluation:
……At present, besides tap water, the kinds and brands of drinking water are various in the market. This makes people feel absently. What kind of water should we drink? The Please listen to experts' evaluation:
Tap water has been the main drinking origin of people living in cities and towns for decades. The water source is polluted in various degrees at recent years, and makes the quality greatly discount. The chloride in water also harms consumers' health. So people carry on deep processing to the source of water. According to different characters, sources, production technologies and efficacies, the drinking water can roughly be summed up as five kinds: pure water, mineral water, active water, purifying water, natural clean water.
……………………Pure water is safe and harmless.
……Pure water is filtrated multi-layerly through special filter. At one side, baneful and poisonous matters are filtered; at another side, the healthful matters are also filtered. The water won' the t harm people' the health if people do not drink pure water for the long term, and pay attention to keep normal diet structure in balance and rational. But, whether drinking it for the long-term harm the health or not for elders, children and patients, we need discuss that. and it is closely related to the mount and way of drinking water. We advise the young growing up had better drink few this kind of water.
Pure water is safe and harmless, it hardly includes physical, chemical and biological pollutant, and there are not those that cause mutation, distortion and carcinogenic material. and the pure water can satisfy men' s need.
Of course, healthful mineral and trace elements in pure water are less than tap water and mineral water. But compared with the water with harmful pollutant, the profit is far greater than the fraud. In addition, 80 percents of human nutrition came from food, and the water is one of seven nutrition elements. If keeping natural bit and sup, then nutrition food needn' t worry. Pure water has characters of high solubility, strong penetrability and high solubility with oxygen. This help the moisture permeate to cell's tissue, and has already helped the nutriment dissolve for the organism to absorb, and easy to make poisonous material dissolve and discharge body rapidly.
……………………The Mineral water is called" the top of the healthful drinking water".
……mineral water means the groundwater that flows through deep layers rock underground. It has one or more trace elements such as Li, Sr, Zn, Br, I, Se, and H2SiO3, and some has rich excessive elements. So it is helpful for body to absorb the healthful elements, and adjust the balance of acid and alkali to advance the metabolism. The component and state are different for different producing area, and the value is also different. Because the trace elements are single, and they cannot supply all-around and balanced mineral matters. Drinking this kind of water often may cause some elements excessive, and depositing in the blood and cell, easy to bring Kidney stone, urethra calculus, gall stone, etc.
………………………The active function of active water
Active water has special active function including magnetization water, mineral water, high oxygen water, electrolytic water, Ca ion water, restoring nature water, and ecotype water, these waters are disposed through filtration, refining and sterilization from tap water. Ecotype water is added special nutrition condensed liquid for different needs basing on refining pure water. The key techniques is refining, it is achieved by mineralizing device (or mineral spring pots), magnenitization device, the oxygen collecting device, electrolytic trough, calcium ion generator, returning nature water generator. The development of active water aims at elevating water quality and make it have special active function. Therefore it has a corresponding permeability in varying degrees, spreading, dissolving, and suppression, arrange toxicity, rich oxygen and nutrition efficiency. Active is at developing phase, all facets need to perfect, and it needs the clinical test and textual research for a long term.
…………………………purifying water is convenient and economical.
Purifying water is convenient and economical. It is a popular drinking water in the society, and is refined from tap water through the second filtration. The purifying principle and process generally include rough filtration, active carbon adsorption and membrane filtration that can effectively eliminate red worm, rust, suspending matters and debase turbidity, residual chlorine and organics. It also intercepts microbes such as bacterium and coliform, thereby avoid the second pollution from tap water, and enhance water quality, and reach to sanitary standard of national drinking water. People can drink it directly.
…………………………the key of producing natural clean water is to explore and protect the source of water.
Natural clean water means the natural water such as bottled water and well water getting from surface or underground, only including simply purge of filtration or other disinfections course, and it keeps healthful elements. It is rich in the mineral substance and trace elements, higher than bottled water and lower than mineral water. The value and quality depend on the source of water and producing technology, and the source of water is most important. The quality is strictly required. The quality and physiological function in different areas and sources are different. The natural water is hopeful to be the trend, and the key is the exploration and protection of the source of water.
Treasuring the life begin from the water.
Water is the most important element to form the life. The material metabolism of the whole life, energy metabolism and information metabolism that water has participated in, the whole biological phenomena and nearly activities cannot happen without water.
What kind of water can keep people healthy, and cure the sickness? People start to actively search.
Active water is close to cellular water, and it is pure, rich oxygen, and active, which makes cells active.
Active water can be made easily by physical and biological technologies, which let us enjoy the feeling of returning to nature and returning to originality.
……Health adviser and doctor tell us:
……Drink contaminative water and pure water both can harm our health.
a. The scientific way of daily drinking:
b. The water quality: We must drink active high-energy healthy water.
c. The water quantity: drink 8~10 cups a day at least (about 2500ml)
The best time: a. After getting up in the morning; b. Before going to bed at night. c. Before or after exercise. d. Half an hour or one hour before diet.
Do not drink after be thirsty. You must keep drinking in time and on time.
The health concept of water:
Why we say active water is healthy water?
Active water is composed of small group water molecules. As we known, water molecule is made of an oxygen atom and two hydrogen atoms. As for the strong suction of hydrogen atoms, which absorb adjacent oxygen atoms, and institutes the molecule group.
In general, the medium molecule group of tap water is composed of more than 20 molecules, which can be broken into small molecule group by additional energy. The structural change may cause physical character change, such as the accretion of oxygen solvency, penetrability, solvency and energy content, called activation. and the changed water is called active water. It is propitious to life and metabolism, which makes people healthier.
What' s the efficacy of active water?
-------Accelerate the movement of small intestine, take advantage of food digestion and dissolution, releasing from astriction.
-------Restrain the hoist of cholesterol, and prevent the atherosclerosis of brain and heart.
--------Take advantage of blood movement, and prevent the thrombosis of brain and heart.
---------Have the ability of dissolving calcium and restraining crystal, and break calculus in body, is propitious to prevent and cure urinary stone and gallstone.
---------Accelerate metabolism and incretion, and advance the ability of resisting illness and caducity.
---------Accelerate incretion and ease diabetes.
The common sense of health
Drink active water can prevent high fat of blood.
The mechanism of decrease blood fat at drinking active water: active water can accelerate the activation of multifarious enzymes, and improve biochemistry affection. So it is help for reducing weight.
High blood fat is a metabolism illness, which is caused by long-term excess of supply over demand of nutrition that people absorb from the food. It is the brief factor causing coronary heart disease.
Drinking active water is an ideal physical therapeutics, which is noxious and has no side effect.
Active water can activate body cell
In general, water constitutes from molecules group with 13 molecules, but active water compose with 5~7. The small molecules are not stable, and run quickly with energy. They can activate cell, and make it healthier. There are large oxygen atoms and trace elements in active water, which can go to blood and cell and purify them.
There are some longevous areas in the world such as Esthonia in Caucasian area, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Xinjiang in Turfan, etc. The main reason is the good water, which is composing of small molecules.
Active water can prevent hypertension
When people eat too much fat, which deposits in blood vessel, and makes blood vessel wall thick, then people may get hypertension. Active small molecule group has strong solvency and penetrability; it can decompose the cholesterol and discharge out. So we know drinking active water is very affective.
The mechanism of drinking active water to prevent hypertension:
It can ameliorate the biochemistry affection, and make blood pressure decline. How can we prove that? Check the blood fat after drinking the water for 2~4 months and compare with the fat before, we discover HDL hoist. HDL in blood is like a cleaner in artery, it can clean the cholesterol on the artery wall, and make sick keep ideal blood pressure.
How quickly or slowly drinking active water become effective depends on the age and resistance on artery wall. Mostly people in 50 years old will feel the affection after 60 days; but for some others it may take three or four months, even six months. and it is related to drinking condition and quantity. According to the clinical report of the hospital and social user's report, a few people can take little depressor after drinking for 30 days. According to practice, whether 50 or 80 years old, people both can keep 110~130/70~80 if drinking active water for long-term.
Active small molecules can remove poisons and reduce weight
Scientists discovery that water molecules cannot solely exist, which compose with several molecule groups. It is very interesting that the molecule groups are big or small. The bigger ones are lazier, and the smaller ones are more active. There are no differences in essence of the tap water, the mineral water and the pure water.
75 percent contents of blood is water. Once the active water with little alkaline enters into blood, it can dissolve the fat, debase the viscidity, and make blood expedite.
It is propitious to discharge the waste and hoist the ability of discharging poison and detoxification.
Active water can remove the free radicals.
It makes large quantity of free radicals as metabolism. The radicals make people sick and advance the caducity if without removing. Then, what are free radicals?
All chemical matters are composed with atoms and molecules. The molecule may become free radical when losing a electron. Free radicals can cause the structural of cells organize change and biological function turbulence. Finally they bring on all kinds of illness. It is well balanced that there are 14 free radicals. People may have some illness if over the number. Free radicals come from two origins: one is producing by body; the other is from outside, e.g. eating too much chemicals, pesticide, and exposing to sunlight too much, etc.
If there are enough active water with little alkaline (with excess electrons), the free radicals may have enough electrons and become molecules and atoms. Then a lot of diseases and cancers all can be prevented and the caducity can be staved. Therefore, drinking active water for long term is a cheap and effective method to keep healthy and prolong life.
Drinking active water for long term can ameliorate constitution.
a. Healthy life need natural metabolism, and water metabolism is the basic. Deviant water metabolism will cause other problems. The PH index must keep 7.35 to 7.45 to ensure natural metabolism. But human' the s health faces the big intimidation from various pollutants, e.g. spraying pesticide and various hormones; adding pigment, essence and antiseptic, etc. and now people eat more acidic food (rice, wheaten food, meat, eggs, sugar, cigarettes, alcohol) and have stronger spiritual pressure, which make body produce amounts of toxin, and make body acidic. It affects the natural metabolism, and make the immunity drop, so various diseases appear unavoidable. In our daily life, the alkali food only is vegetable, bean curd, edible seaweed and fruit, etc. then, adopt drinking a large mount of active water can ameliorate constitution, the reasons of which are:
b. Active water molecules are like the molecules in the cells. They are propitious to drainage various baneful acidic supersession results and waster, accelerate metabolism, and advance immunity.
c. Active water can supply enough calcium for people, because calcium and magnesium present the ion state, and they are very easy to absorb.
Active water presents little alkaline state, and it can remove baneful supersession results and free radicals. It makes people' s body fluid and blood present alkaline state
The result that with patients who suffer intestines and stomach disease and drink the active water is remarkable.
Intestines and stomach diseases are familiar; a lot of people in various degrees are suffering from various kinds of gastritis, gastric ulcer, duodenal ulcer, colitis, hyperacidity, indigestion, disease and pain, etc. Drinking active water can counteract the acidity, and accelerate the function secreted. Drinking the water for long term can relieve and deracinate various intestines and stomach diseases.
Which kind of diabetics drinking the active water has better result?
Insulin that pancreas secrete has the function that absorbs glucose of blood, and make it release energy. If insulin is not enough, glucose will dissolve in the emiction and discharge from the body, which cause diabetes. The structure of active water is similar to natural cell, and it can make pancreas cells well balanced. Deficient calcium in the blood may cause deficient insulin, so drinking active water is the best therapeutics to diabetics.
How does the constipation patient drink active water?
Constipation means that the cycle is as long as more than 3 days to defecate, or there is few and relieve one discharging amount incompletely. It makes people feel uncomfortable, and easily suffer from various diseases: heart disease, cerebral hemorrhage and cancer, so we should need enough attention.
Active water can counteract various toxins and add oxygen; it has strong solubility and decomposes constellation piss. Drink cool active water 2~3 cups after getting up can accelerate intestinal movement, let the piss enter into recta, and make people have intent to defecate, thereby avoid constipation.
There may be some ill reaction to drink active water at the beginning.
Because active water has strong solvency and penetrability, and it can discharge toxins, waster and foreign object through the urine, excrement, and the sweat liquid. So there may be phenomena of much urine and liquid excrement, etc. Besides, active water produces effective calcium, make the deviant bowel resume well balanced. E.g. intestinal and stomach may ache for the toxin movement; occur aches or eruption, etc. The reaction commonly disappear in 1~2 days, and the stronger lasts for 2~5 days, and it is only for someone.
The main symptoms that different patients react:
Alkaline constitution persons: The throat and tongue are dry, polyuria, easy to be tired at daytime and often fart.
Hypertension patients: The head will have heavy feelings, the phenomenon of the giddy will probably last 1~2 weeks.
Sick stomach persons: Chest is fever; feel stifling; cannot take anything sometimes.
Gastric ulcer patients: the gastric ulcer part will aches or feel depressed.
Gastroptosis patients: stomach aches, and want to vomit.
Sick liver persons: Vomit; skin presents Se and itches or the rash phenomenon.
Hepatocirrhosis patients: may defecate with blood trace or blood blocks.
Nephropathy patients: protein will reduce; Face hydroncus, the foot will have slight dropsical phenomena.
Diabetes patients: hand and foot present the phenomenon of the hydroncus.
Hemorrhoids patients: may defecate with blood.
Whelk: increase at first, and then disappear.
Chronic bronchitis patients: feel thirsty, dazed, etc.
Allergic patients: The skin itches and aggravates in initial stage, but will relax in 3~7 days at most
Nerve sick patients: will cause patients difficult to fall asleep, so should not drink before going to bed.
Leucopoenia patients: will feel mouth dry, more dreams and stomach uncomfortable.
Rheumatism patients: affected part aches slightly.
Gout patients: feel aches or difficult to move lasting for 2~4 days, and then disappear.
Mineral, active and health
Minerals include calcium, phosphorus, the iron, copper, iodine, manganese, magnesium, cobalt, potassium, boron, zinc, titanium, vanadium, and germanium. They are useful components to form muscle, bones and other organizations. Mineral is very important to supply the physiology needing, consume and regulate the physiological function. It accounts for 5% of the weight.
a. We are in an era that comes to know again with minerals and medicines by means of minerals.
Mineral deficiency and diseases
How about the relation between mineral deficiency and diseases? With the deepening of research work, the results are clear little by little.
Si: it relates about that children's development is slow and child's appetite fails. It is as important as fluorine.
Ti: it aims to suddenly death at prime of life. The checking result is that the paint lacks Ti in cardiac muscle and nerve center.
Mn: relates to the sex and gestation. It is the same to K and Mg.
Ca: calcium deficiency is the reason that getting bone and teeth diseases.
Fe: Fe deficiency may cause anemia.
Besides, someone has studied on the affection of minerals, and trace elements to body:
Mg deficiency: Epilepsy, diarrhea, diabetes, illusion disease, the cardiac muscle hardened, irritable and uneasy symptom, the trick shivers, constipation, the unstable glucose.
Mn deficiency: logy development of children, dull intelligence, and anemia.
K deficiency: bone skin paralysis, heart disease, the renal gland function is insufficient, the hydroncus in the cell.
Cu deficiency: anemia of lacking copper, blood vessel and skeleton become fragile, hair branching and rupturing.
Zn deficiency: sex function, immune function, antioxidant ability is reduced; carcinogenic probability rises; it is apt to suffer from the senile dementia, high blood pressure, diabetes; influence child's sense of taste and intelligence development.
Fe deficiency: Anaemia; women’s physiological phenomenon is not normal; the cell wears out rapidly, appearance is wan and sallow, muscle vigor is bad, easy to be tired, spirit is not centralized.
Na deficiency: The blood pressure is reduced, it is apt to be tired, unable, and angina pectoris is apt to suffer heatstroke.
Ca efficiency: Apt to be angry, tense, brittle-bone disease, rickets, the muscle pulls a muscle.
Se deficiency: anti-oxidant strength, anticancer strength is reduced, the cardiac muscle declines.
Li deficiency: the nerve is conducted not normally; the vitamin is unable to absorb.
Co deficiency: limit the function of vitamin B12; cause huge ball pernicious anemia.
Vanadium deficiency: influence thyroid gland function, fecundity drop, neonate death rate raise, it is apt to suffer from the cardiovascular disease.
Germanium deficiency: the body is with meager oxygen seriously; it is apt to suffer from the cancer, heart disease.
Molybdenum deficiency: Spirit is unusual, intelligence is insufficient, it is not normal to metabolize seriously
P deficiency: The cell division is not normal; it is weak to be apt to suffer from the muscle, skeleton deformity.
Si deficiency: The skeleton metabolic disorder wears out, the thyroid gland function is abnormal.
Sn deficiency:
Bald head, sensitive to the sound.
b. Drinking hard water can prevent heart diseases
Researchers have discovered that heart diseases are not easy to outbreak if drinking harder water.
Researchers have doubts about the differences of probability that heart diseases break out. For example, the probability in the Finland in the east is 40 percents, higher than that in the west for 50 years. The researchers point out that only the rigidity cannot explain the probability of diseases in all area. But some trace elements and mineral may be absorbed from water easier than food, so it can affect some chronic diseases such as heart disease.
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