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Laundry Pellets

Laundry Pellets
Product Name :
Laundry Pellets
Description :
It is a kind of environmental protection ball, which is placed in laundry ball and made of active macromolecule solid materials, tourmaline, ceramic and flavor, etc. It contains no phosphor and boron, etc. It is used for washing various clothes, kitchen articles.
Application :
For refill various types laundry balls, no toxin and environmental protection
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General Knowledge
Certificate / Data
Graphic Introduced
Green, yellow
Main Ingredients
Higher alkyl sulfate, non-ionic tenside, metasilicate, essence, tourmaline, ceramic
Washing Elements
Utilizing physical combined with chemical elements to wash clothing, adopting macromolecule activated solid granule and unique appearance design, slowly release during the course of washing, emulsify oil stain and generate excessive OH-. That increases PH of water and activates water molecule. Activated water molecule is easy to filter into the inside of clothing fibre and makes combination between filth and fibre loose. Under the stirring of washing machine, filth will be separated from fibre more quickly and scatter in the water, so as to reach the effect of cleanout.
Functions & Features
1.Easy to be activated by water and air, emit far infrared ray, generate excessive OH-1, enhance PH of water and activate water molecule so as to increase the inherent interface active effect of water molecule, osmotic force and washing power.
2.At the same time release negative ions and weaken the adhesive force between the surface and inner fabric. Under the stirring of the washing machine, filth will be separated from fibre more quickly and scatter into the water, no remains of the dirt so as to reach the effect of cleanout.
3.Antibacterial, deodorizing and softening water. No need of any dirty removal, detergent, softener or bleacher completely.
4.Effectively remove oil stain and besmirch. Don’t contain any harmful chemical ingredients.
5.Hypoallergenic and anti irritation can protect skin efficiently.
6.Prevent static, no harm to fabrics and no water pollution.
7.Can be used circularly for many times. Save water and electricity. It is economical and environmental protection.
Washing various clothing, cleaning ceramics, kitchenware, family furniture, floor, door and window, etc.