What does tourmaline and germanium do?

The information below has been extracted from abstracts of patents that utilize Tourmaline and Germanium for certain functions and are intended as brief representations of the current knowledge about these crystals. These crystal powders (particularly tourmaline) enhance the overall effect of the patch and contribute to the product's effectiveness.


Tourmaline is a complex borosilicate mineral with a variety of unusual pyroelectric and piezoelectric properties. It is probably best known for its use as a gem stone; however, in recent years, it has begun to find a number of other uses that are in one way or another connected to its unique electrical activity, which results from the presence of permanent electrodes within the crystalline structure. In particular, tourmaline in water produces an electrical discharge which dissociates the water molecule into hydrogen and hydroxyl ions, which in turn produce hydronium ions (H.sub.3 O.sup.+) and hydrated hydroxyl ion (H.sub.3 O.sub.2.sup.-) by their reactions with H.sub.2 O molecules. Both these ions are reported to have surface activating properties.

These observations have resulted in the use of tourmaline in a variety of different industrial products and methods such as a system for water treatment in which tourmaline is used in an ion generator to generate hydronium and hydroxyl ions in the water, with the reported result of "high surface activity" in the water, which is then recommended for use in detergent free washing in washing machines and in cleaning oil-contaminated machinery. In a similar vein, U.S. Pat. No. 5,309,739 describes a tourmaline coating applied to a surface of a washing machine with the intent of forming hydroxyl ions in the wash water to aid in cleansing. It has also been described (Japanese patent JP 7024444) as being used in powder form in a shower apparatus to treat chlorinated water, so as to alter the chlorine structure, allowing it to retain its water-purifying activity, while reducing the possible negative effects of chlorine.

Tourmaline has also, in connection with its electrical properties, been suggested as being useful in promoting physical well-being. For example, JP 6173162 describes fabric coated with a film containing tourmaline, which fabric is made into clothing which is said to provide an electrical stimulus to the wearer's skin, to improve the wearer's health. Likewise, JP 8057060 describes a "health therapeutic tool" based on a substrate incorporating powdered tourmaline and a diode, which tool is applied to the skin to achieve a therapeutic effect.


Germanium (in an external application) manifests anti-inflammatory effects such as a therapeutic effect on stiff shoulders, lumbago and muscular ache. However the mechanism for delivering such benefits has not yet been clarified.

There is an opinion that, when germanium is applied to a diseased part, it removes an abnormal electric potential of the human body by electron interchange to bring the body back to the normal electric potential because:

(1) germanium is apt to be positively charged due to escape of the peripheral electron (i.e., germanium has a strong electrophilic properties); and

(2) a diseased part or a body part with stiffness or pain generally has an increased electron potential.
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