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Dryer Ball

Product Name :
Dryer Ball
Description :
Reusable Dryer Ball made by taking environment friendly PVC and macromolecule activator as materials can reduce drying time, no toxin and allergy free.
Application :
For dry clothes, no toxin and allergy free
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General Knowledge
Certificate / Data
Graphic Introduced
Specifications & Features
Specification: spiky round plastic ball
Diameter: 6.5cm
Weight of the ball : 45-50g/pc
Packing: 2balls/set
Material: Environment friendly PVC
Colors: blue, orange
Size of paper box :
Gross weight :
Net weight :
Outer packing :
Quantity of container :

1. Reduces ironing Creates less static
2. Reduces drying time
3. Naturally softens fabrics
4. Non Toxic-no chemicals
5. Reduces static and creases

Instruction For Use
1. Put laundry into the dryer
2. Remove Dryer Balls from package and place both in dryer with the laundry
3. Check dryer settings and start
4. The Dryer balls are re-usable, just leave them in your tumble dryer and enjoy their benefits time and time again

Keep away from children.

For drying various types of clothes